Among vineyards, olive and almond trees is Moclinejo, a town of Arab origin with narrow streets and houses adapted to the uneven terrain. Known as the Gate of the Raisin Route, this municipality produces delicious wine and high quality olive oil.

Although any time of the year is ideal to visit this town in the Axarquía region, September offers us a special occasion. That month the Viñeros Festival is celebrated, one of the most attractive events on the Moclinejo calendar.


The church of Nuestra Señora de Gracia stands as the main monument of Moclinejo. Built in the 16th century, although renovated in the 17th, it consists of two naves divided by semicircular arches. From its exterior, the bell tower, the Arab arches and the roof stand out. The most striking thing about its interior is the curious modernist railing of the choir.
To see the most representative buildings of civil architecture you have to go to the Plaza de España. In this urban space there is also the Raisin and Moscatel Wine Study Center, in charge of promoting the two most renowned products of Moclinejo.

Another must-see in Moclinejo is the Axarquía House Museum, which allows you to easily explore the history and culture of the region. Its collection includes 19th century flooring and old farm implements, along with sculptures and paintings by different local artists.

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